Ebac 3850E

Ebac 3850E

Brand: Ebac

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Ebac 3850E Dehumidifier White...

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  • Ebac 3850E Dehumidifier White....from Go Electrical
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    • Rating
      Stress relief!
      Review by Amazon Customer on January 24, 2018
      Following a mains water leak which clearly had been weeping for some time before before we actually heard the sound of rushing water (alarming). The fabric of the house displays the evidence of water damage on walls .skirtings and architraves.

      This unit runs very quietly on the Smart Control setting,pulls plenty of moisture,is of quite smart appearance which certainly doesn't look out of place in a domestic environment,and is British made!
    • Rating
      So far so good apart from slight damage
      Review by Wayne J. on January 8, 2018
      So far so good. Although, there is slight damage to the radiator which seems common as I've noticed on other people's reviews. Luckily no leaks. It looks like it's an assembly issue where it has had impact damage.
      Brings my room humidity down from 50% To 29%
      Empty the container every other day leave it running on smart mode unless drying clothes then I put it on laundry mode
    • Rating
      Impressive performance.
      Review by Fatboi-Lite on December 31, 2017
      Simple to operate, reasonably quiet and very efficient, removing several litres of moisture per day in a 'problem area'. Haven't tried any others to make a comparison, but we are very happy with both of our Ebac dehumidifiers.
    • Rating
      I have been pleased with my purchase
      Review by Boo on December 23, 2017
    • Rating
      Review by S Evans on December 16, 2017
      Within 24hrs of receipt the first one we had was returned due to a fault. A replacement was sent and received the next day.
      Excellent bit of kit. We have just moved to a 200yr old stone cottage, so with the colder weather appeared wet walls, mainly in one room. This is scheduled to run 24hrs, with its sensors kicking in when required. It also has a great 'laundry setting to help extract more moisture. Now dry walls this wjnter and a immediately warmer room.
      Well worth the cost.
    • Rating
      Collects water then leaks it again! Not ideal!
      Review by Gary on December 14, 2017
      Poor quality item. Disappointing build quality for the price. Please see attached photos of the reservoir. Collected quite alot of water over last 48hours. Smart mode worked well and shut off dehumidifier when reservoir full.

      However the reservoir top is glued and screwed together. As you can see from my photos this glue has already separated from main body. Result was a very wet living room floor from this leaking. This will be returned for a refund and alternative dehumidifier sourced.
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    • Rating
      Good item quiet running on smart low mode !!
      Review by D. Dean on December 4, 2017
      This is the second one of these over 7 years I only got a new one due to the plastic going a little yellow due to sun. They both are very good. The new one is quiet compared with my older one.
    • Rating
      A brilliant solution that works so quickly and efficiently
      Review by W. Robinson on November 20, 2017
      After only 3 weeks the damp,problem has been resolved in several rooms. It works a treat. And unlike earlie models it is noticeable quieter. Would highly recommend
    • Rating
      Great Quality Dehumidifier
      Review by John on November 15, 2017
      Bought to replace an old Ebac which served us well for seven years. This new model is lighter and smaller, and uses snart tech to automatically adjust the dehumidifier. We've seen good results in days, the condensation has been eradicated. This is kept in a bedroom, and the noise is not upseting, it's much quieter than the old model. Overall very pleased, British made, good quality, good price, what's not to like
    • Rating
      Its great as a set it and forget type of device ...
      Review by Amazon Customer on October 3, 2017
    • Rating
      Review by Zebedee on September 28, 2017
    • Rating
      Great product
      Review by Gunny on September 5, 2017
      Awesome! Does what it says on the tin! May seem a lot of money but worth every penny. I have a large 4 bed house and it's perfect.
    • Rating
      The best brand of dehunidifier!
      Review by N. Hill on June 13, 2017
    • Rating
      Brilliant, reliable, effective, discreet.
      Review by scarlyle on June 8, 2017
    • Rating
      ... machines this one stood out and was on a great offer at the time
      Review by Mr. James Young on April 14, 2017
    • Rating
    • Rating
      Great Smart Humidity Control
      Review by OM on February 9, 2017
    • Rating
      Not as good as other machines
      Review by Syd on November 26, 2014
      I have been using the
    • Rating
      An amazing device!
      Review by Andrew Hindmarch on March 13, 2014
      We purchased this (not from Amazon) for our british Victorian house. We had damp problems in cupboards, bathrooms, north facing walls, condensation on windows etc. I used a hygrometer/thermometer before we purchased one to analyze the problem. There were real variations in humidity in the house from room to room. Within a day of using this in Smart mode the transformation was great. No damp or mustiness in the air and a much more comfortable feeling in the house. It took a day and a half to remove the...
    • Rating
      Still have condensation on windows - not so SMART
      Review by westwit on February 7, 2014
      After a disappointing experience with a Duracraft I bought the Ebac 3850e from Ebac Direct because they offer a free five year guarantee. The dehumidifier is up and running, nice and quiet, and seems very efficient (time will tell).

      But BE AWARE the spec is incorrect on Amazon (and for that matter on some other online retailers such as Appliances Direct and P&M Coppack):
      1. There is no 'built-in carrying handle', just two small indentations at the top on each side that you can get three...
    • Rating
      fantastic - has transformed my flat
      Review by genie123 on November 22, 2010

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