EBAC 2650E

EBAC 2650E

Brand: Ebac

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2650E High Performance Automatic Dehumidifier...

2650E High Performance Automatic Dehumidifier...Read More...»»

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  • 2650E High Performance Automatic Dehumidifier....from Hughes Direct
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    Customer Reviews

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      Best of the bunch, with reservations.
      Review by Da Messina on January 12, 2018
    • Rating
      I have been pleased with my purchase
      Review by Boo on December 23, 2017
    • Rating
      Review by Joe Public on December 21, 2017
    • Rating
      Collects water then leaks it again! Not ideal!
      Review by Gary on December 14, 2017
      Poor quality item. Disappointing build quality for the price. Please see attached photos of the reservoir. Collected quite alot of water over last 48hours. Smart mode worked well and shut off dehumidifier when reservoir full.

      However the reservoir top is glued and screwed together. As you can see from my photos this glue has already separated from main body. Result was a very wet living room floor from this leaking. This will be returned for a refund and alternative dehumidifier sourced.
    • Rating
      Good item quiet running on smart low mode !!
      Review by D. Dean on December 4, 2017
      This is the second one of these over 7 years I only got a new one due to the plastic going a little yellow due to sun. They both are very good. The new one is quiet compared with my older one.
    • Rating
      A brilliant solution that works so quickly and efficiently
      Review by W. Robinson on November 20, 2017
      After only 3 weeks the damp,problem has been resolved in several rooms. It works a treat. And unlike earlie models it is noticeable quieter. Would highly recommend
    • Rating
      Review by Zebedee on September 28, 2017
    • Rating
      Good at first but expensive filters!
      Review by compwinner on September 3, 2017
      Worked great for about 3 years but the fan started to stick and eventually gave up. Very disappointed as modern 'white goods' tend to last a while with careful use. Furthermore the filters are not washable and are very expensive from eBac. If you replace them as recommended then you will always be forking out for something that should have been designed with washable filters. I will be replacing this one with another make that has washable filters.
      When it worked it was fantastic.
    • Rating
      The best brand of dehunidifier!
      Review by N. Hill on June 13, 2017
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    • Rating
      Not bad but could be better
      Review by S on January 28, 2015
      First unit arrived and was faulty, also leaked water from container where the two half's of the plastic have been stuck together to make it, appears to be quite cheaply made hence the leak at the joint. received replacement and is working fine at the moment and collecting a full jug every 2-3 days. Had an Ebac over 10 years ago and lasted well over 5 yrs, but not sure if they are still made to the same quality as they use to be. Hope this one lasts or it will be going back as well for a refund, and the...
    • Rating
      Helping out with moisture problem in Victorian house
      Review by Paul R on November 8, 2014
      We have an old Victorian house, which is very difficult to heat with high ceilings, 3 storeys and an open staircase. On the top floor, the chimney breast has damp patches which is a problem with the salts in the old chimney breast drawing moisture through which forms condensation in the room. The hallway and kitchen do smell a little musty in winter too, even though we do have doors open with small kids running round so the house gets some fresh air in each day.

      From October - March time we...
    • Rating
      An amazing device!
      Review by Andrew Hindmarch on March 13, 2014
    • Rating
      Review by brian atherton on December 25, 2013
    • Rating
      desiccant dehumidifier eco DD322FW
      Review by jo on September 23, 2012
    • Rating
      where does it come from
      Review by grumpyoldman on December 13, 2011
    • Rating
      Leaky, noisy, unreliable
      Review by Hawfinch on August 16, 2011
      The first Ebac Powerpac I received was so noisy I thought it must be broken, so I got Ebac to exchange it. The replacement was just as bad, so I put it in a spare room with the door shut. It worked OK for a few months, then I noticed a damp patch on the carpet. I phoned Ebac, who advised me to try a few things, none of which worked, so they arranged to collect it under their guarantee.

      When it was returned to me, it worked for a week or two then started leaking from the base again. I also...
    • Rating
      fantastic - has transformed my flat
      Review by genie123 on November 22, 2010
      I didn't think my flat was 'damp' - there was a bit of condensation on the wall in one of the bedrooms, and a tendency for a slight mildew problem when the weather got colder. I purchased the Ebac 2650e to get rid of the mildew - and it has transformed the climate in my entire flat! The unit is very simple to use - let it run on 'Auto' setting for a couple of weeks - just switch it on and forget about it, it will adjust humidity levels automatically and remove as much moisture from the air as necessary for...
    • Rating
      Highly recommended
      Review by R. Lilleker on March 13, 2010
    • Rating
      Review by Mr. R. H. Southworth "Roxholme" on January 15, 2008
      This is quite simply an exceptional piece of kit. Simple to use - you just plug it in and you're away. It has a smart control (including an economy setting) if like me you just want to turn the thing on and forget about it. I bought this because I was experiencing damp patches and mould beneath the window in my bedroom - since buying this "nothing" the extraction is brilliant. It being winter I now just throw my washing in my bedroom with this thing on Max and it's dry in a few hours. Can't recommend...

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