Bosch TWK7601GB

Bosch TWK7601GB

Brand: Bosch

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TWK7601 3000W 1.7L Kettle...

TWK7601 3000W 1.7L Kettle...Read More...»»

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  • TWK7601 3000W 1.7L Kettle....from Hughes Direct
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    Customer Reviews

    • Rating
      Good value
      Review by Jo E. on May 31, 2018
      Is exactly as described
    • Rating
      Cheap quality, plastic taste
      Review by WrenPat on January 9, 2018
    • Rating
      Good kettle, quiet and quick to boil, but perhaps a little overpriced
      Review by RoboScorpion on January 2, 2018
      This kettle is fairly quiet in operation, and boils quickly. For instance, it will boil 2 cups' worth of water in just over a minute (I timed it).
      The spout is nice and wide so it's easy to fill without the need to open the lid. If you want to open the lid anyway, it's just a push-button operation, so nice and easy. Generally a good buy although slightly overpriced in my opinion.
    • Rating
      Purchased this in May 2015. Still going but has ...
      Review by Simon Walker on December 31, 2017
    • Rating
      A nearly perfect kettle
      Review by xmetman on November 14, 2017
      I love this kettle.

      I can never understand why you can never seem to find Bosch kettles on the High street.

      The design is clean and elegant. It boils quickly because after all it's got a 3kw element.

      We had a Bosch kettle like this in the early 1990's which had a small red floating pea size ball that floated in the indicator gauge to help you see exactly the water level. If that had one of those I would have given it five stars!
    • Rating
      poorly made and lousey vaule for a "Boch"
      Review by Amazon Customer on November 6, 2017
      absolute rubbish for a "Boch" and price. Had mine for 11 months noticed the on/off switch was becoming loose and not conectiong abput a month ago, packed in altogether now, very poorly made and not robust for the price. Find another brand a I say.
    • Rating
      best kettle I have ever had
      Review by west coast on October 6, 2017
      best kettle I have ever had. I will be buy this and this brand again especially at this price. This kettle makes me realise how bad was previous kettle was even when new.
      it boils and turns off. my old kettle overboiled and overboiled. I consider it quiet, much quieter than my previous kettle. I initially found the gripping handle different as this one is more sturdy. after a few days I was used to it. very good and well worth £20
    • Rating
    • Rating
      Great looking, well balanced and easy to use
      Review by The Passionate Writer on September 14, 2017
    • Rating
      Review by Mark Westhead on September 12, 2017
      Very disappointed considering it's a Bosch toaster. They are actually made in China rather than Germany. Toasts more on one side than the other and after using for around 8 weeks this fault is gradually getting worse. The toaster seems to have developed a mind of it's own regarding how it toasts from one day to the next. Also the control for setting the toast level is very easily moved when cleaning and normally I don't notice until the toast is burned.
    • Rating
      Very Good Kettle, PATHETIC DELIVERY TIME.
      Review by johnboy on September 8, 2017
    • Rating
      Perfectly good little toaster
      Review by Worldtrekker on July 20, 2017
    • Rating
      Good Kettle but not silent
      Review by Jamashu on May 13, 2017
    • Rating
      Good kettle
      Review by Mr. R. Harris on May 2, 2017
    • Rating
      Good while it lasted
      Review by JLL on March 16, 2017
      Good while it lasted, but failed after 2 tears, tripping the earth leak. Every other kettle I have owned has lasted at least five years, Bosch used to represent quality and durability, sadly no longer.
    • Rating
      On the boil
      Review by Pickle on August 2, 2016
    • Rating
      A really great Kettle, but with issues.
      Review by Dec Jarvis on August 24, 2015
    • Rating
      Five Stars
      Review by Teresa Szczepaniak on July 8, 2015
    • Rating
      best electric kettle ever !
      Review by Val on April 4, 2015
    • Rating
      love this little kettle
      Review by Tatiana on October 2, 2014
      love this little kettle! It is compact but at the same time very convenient. It has got quite a wide handle (so you grip it easily without any thought of positioning your hand) and a wide rounded spout which doesn't allow any dripping!
      But most important for me is that it is made with Quality plastic which DOESN'T smell at all.
      before this purchase I bought a Sainsbury's own brand kettle and i boiled it 5 times and a terrible smell was still there. So i had to return it.
      this Bosch kettle...
    • Rating
      great kettle. only fault is that the logo and ...
      Review by M.F.McWade on September 25, 2014
    • Rating
      Capital Kettle
      Review by Ronald Paton on January 4, 2014
    • Rating
      Brilliant product.
      Review by Andrew Tikhonov on October 31, 2013

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