Dimplex OFR15N

Dimplex OFR15N

Brand: Dimplex

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OFRB7N 0.7kW ECO Chico Oil Free Heater White...

OFRB7N 0.7kW ECO Chico Oil Free Heater White...Read More...»»

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  • OFRB7N 0.7kW ECO Chico Oil Free Heater White....from Hughes Direct
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    Customer Reviews

    • Rating
      Light and cools quickly
      Review by RabbitLemon on January 15, 2018
      Purchased for a Campervan. Very toasty on low. I decided oil free is a good choice, in this case. It heats quickly but even more useful, is that it cools quickly for packing after use. Light weight. But note the size. Bit bigger than the mini oil radiators I had seen. So you may want to consider this before deciding. Oil radiators are good if a bit heavier and slightly slower to heat up. This is also very stable, not having wobbly plastic wheels.
    • Rating
      Easy to work
      Review by jessamelie on December 22, 2017
      Had 4 months. No probs. Easy to work. Keeps the chill off, but don’t think it will throw out heat, that’s not how it works. Keeps room comfortable. Using it for bedroom around 12x15foot - would work better in smaller room I guess, but I just wanted it take a chill off before bed or early in the morning. Happy
    • Rating
      This is perfect for a small room
      Review by Kseaney on December 6, 2017
      This is perfect for a small room. For example, I’m staying at my parents whilst our house is being renovated. Their very small spare room is around 11ft by 11ft and it warms the room up goodly. I also previously purchased the next size up and that’s very good too. That can heat up a really large room!

      The only thing I’ve had to do is mark a black dot on the dial. You can’t tell what temperature you’re setting the radiation to. Apart from that, it is what it is and it does the job.
    • Rating
      Heater is good but main switch broke :(
      Review by ILMS on October 23, 2017
      I had this heater for a while now and just a week ago the main little orange switch broke. Not a most fortunate design for switch really. Apart from this unfortunate end, this heater has served faithfully four winters.
    • Rating
      Compact and efficient
      Review by Mrs Vanessa Evans on October 7, 2017
      Very happy with the heater. Use it in our motorhome as it is compact and not too heavy. Thermostat keeps it ticking over at night so we are never cold. Would definitely recommend.
    • Rating
      Good things come in small packages
      Review by thenunn on March 8, 2017
    • Rating
      Low running costs, bags of heat.
      Review by D. Dearing on December 15, 2015
      Super little heater, despite what other negative commenters have put this emits a lot of heat for its size! It is only 700 watts after all. Not 2000 or 3000 watts like most heaters are.
      I currently have it in a 14 x 10 room and it easily sits around 20 degrees all day (Mid December)
      Would recommend to anyone for a low cost efficient heater.
    • Rating
      Four Stars
      Review by Stan the man on December 6, 2015
    • Rating
      Review by Kisshandra on December 31, 2010

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